Recent promotions at Digiday Media

October 15, 2020
Recent promotions at Digiday Media

We’re focused on growth at Digiday Media. The growth of our products and brands is important but even more critical is the growth of our people. We wanted to share a list of some of our recent promotions and recognize some of the team helping to continue to build Digiday Media. Congratulations to all.

Erica Taylor has been promoted to senior manager, inside and subscription sales. In her new position, Erica will broaden her focus beyond Inside Sales, allowing her to replicate some of her tried and true best practices to orchestrate the growth of Group and Enterprise Subscription Sales.

Hope Reichard now serves as Digiday’s director of content, events and digital products. In her new role, Hope will help develop the event calendar with the executive team for existing and new products, manage event programming across all brands and help navigate content for clients. 

Cayley Plotkin was promoted from event programming coordinator to events programming manager. Since her start at Digiday Media a little over a year ago, Cayley has managed event programming for Modern Retail and Glossy events and will now be even more hands on in the day to day responsibilities that make our events possible.

Niya Sinckler is now our membership products manager. Since joining Digiday Media, Niya’s played a critical part in growing our subscription business across all three of our brands. This new role will see Niya take on new responsibilities with a primary focus on the strategies and tactics that will continue to grow and retain membership subscriptions.

Alex Blumberg has been promoted to client engagement lead, Future of Work. In his new role, Alex will be leading the charge on Digiday’s Future of Work vertical and working with the rest of the sales team to build and strengthen our existing focus on how work and the workplace are changing. 

Trevor Grigoruck, previously our marketing assistant, has moved into the role of performance marketing coordinator. In his new role, Trevor will be helping support the performance team with client activations and tracking key campaign performance metrics.   

Uri Charles was promoted to associate multimedia producer, a step that reflects his meaningful contributions to our live broadcasts and virtual offerings. This new role will see Uri continuing to support and build on our live programs, ensuring positive and valuable experiences for both attendees and clients.