Confronting truths in technology’s transformation of global industries

Digiday Media is a vertical media company founded in 2008 by CEO Nick Friese. Our mission is to chart how industries like media, marketing, fashion, beauty and retail are moving from analog to digital. Our approach is to continually reimagine and reshape the media we cover and create, guided by our core values of quality, honesty, curiosity and tenacity. Digiday Media currently operates three global media brands: Digiday (media, marketing and retail), Glossy (fashion and beauty) and Modern Retail (retail).

Our Culture

We value quality, honesty, having fun, experimenting, embracing change and never giving up.

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Our Leadership

Nick Friese
Founder & CEO
Nick founded Digiday in 2008. Read about his lessons learned from starting a media company during a recession here.
Brian Morrissey
Editor In Chief & President
Brian leads all editorial at Digiday Media. He travels around the world building Digiday's brand.
Peter Surrena
Chief Product Officer
Peter leads product and design for all three Digiday Media brands.
Megan Knapp
General Manager, Events
Megan leads Digiday Media's hundreds of events globally.
John Sol
Chief Financial Officer
John handles all finances for Digiday Media's three media brands.
Andrea Sontz
VP, Office Operations
Andrea is the head of HR and office operations at Digiday Media.
Mike Madarasz
Marketing Director
Mike is the head of marketing for Digiday Media's two brands.
David Amrani
Chief Strategy Officer
David heads up Custom and Digiday Media's sales team.

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