Modern Retail Launches the Modern Retail Podcast

December 5, 2019
Modern Retail Launches the Modern Retail Podcast

Introducing the Modern Retail Podcast, featuring in-depth discussions from retailers and entrepreneurs in the DTC space. Shareen Pathak, our managing director of editorial products, hosts.

The Modern Retail Podcast is our fourth at Digiday Media, joining the Digiday Podcast, Glossy Podcast and Glossy Beauty Podcast. Published weekly, listeners can expect frank conversations with the leaders making change happen in retail.

Haus Founder Price Hambrecht joined the inaugural episode of the Modern Retail Podcast to talk about founding Haus, focusing on PR at launch and what comes next for the direct-to-consumer industry. Future episodes include industry-focused conversations with executives from Lalo, Rebecca Taylor, Iris Nova and more.

The Modern Retail Podcast comes shortly after our launch of Modern Retail in June 2019. Modern Retail explains the changes transforming the retail business with honesty, depth and authority. We cover the industry’s nuances, through the digital lens, from Amazon’s strategic shifts and their implications to stores’ recasting as experience meccas and fulfillment centers.