Digiday Media on shortlist for Publisher Podcast Awards

January 27, 2021
Digiday Media on shortlist for Publisher Podcast Awards

Digiday Media is a part of this year’s Publisher Podcast Awards shortlist in three categories: Best B2B Podcast, Best Limited Series and Podcast Hero of the Year.

The Glossy Podcast is on the shortlist for Best B2B Podcast. This weekly show chronicles the impact of technology on the fashion and luxury industries. Every episode, we’re joined by a different executive in the space for an intelligent, in-depth discussion on how they’re approaching the challenges brought on by these changes and where they’re having success.

Unfair, presented by Glossy, is a finalist for Best Limited Series. Hosted by Glossy beauty editor Priya Rao, Unfair explores the global skin-lightening industry’s origins, history and systems of regulation. It also lays bare the societal and health problems presented by these products, whether found on store shelves around the world or sold as bootleg items on online marketplaces.

Our former podcast producer, Pierre Bienaime, is also a finalist for the Podcast Hero of the Year category. Pierre played a key role in making our podcast output possible. In addition to weekly shows that include the Digiday Podcast, the Glossy Podcast, the Glossy Beauty Podcast and the Modern Retail Podcast, Pierre has produced special projects like Glossy’s limited series, Unfair and The New Normal, a weekly interactive show where a top Digiday editor interviews a media and marketing industry leader on how they’re adapting to a changed reality.