Tradestreaming is now ‘Tearsheet’

New York, NY — Tradestreaming, an online finance and financial technology publication owned by Digiday Media, is relaunching as Tearsheet.

Referring to the sheets of Standard & Poor’s stock information given to clients, Tearsheet will have a sharper focus on the future of money and the shifting expectations of customers, an angle that has resonated with the Tradestreaming audience.

“We are renewing our focus on an area of coverage we’ve found has really resonated with our audience,” says Digiday Media CEO Nick Friese. “Digiday’s differentiated, authoritative and honest coverage of the media and marketing industry has made it one of the most influential names in media and marketing. We will take the same approach with Tearsheet covering the future of money.”

Tearsheet will continue to cover the topics that has made Tradestreaming the go-to online destination for journalism on the future of money: the bank of the future, building the business, changing content and changing payments.

“Digiday was successful because of a dogged focus on honesty — telling the truth about what was really going on inside the media and marketing industries as they undergo this massive change,” says Shareen Pathak, managing editor of Tearsheet. “We’re going to bring the same sensibility to Tearsheet.”

Tearsheet’s editorial team will relocate to the Digiday Media headquarters in New York City, the financial capital of the world. Tanaya Macheel, formerly of American Banker, and Suman Bhattarcharyya have joined the team to round out the coverage

The first Tearsheet event will take place on June 5, 2017: the Tearsheet Money Anywhere Conference. Tearsheet will continue to offer premium daily content, awards programs and a podcast, the Tearsheet Podcast.